How to register warranty for New Customer

1. At, click on ‘Register Here
Click register here on My Sony Login Page


2. Enter 7 digit serial number or 15 digit IMEI number
Enter IMEI number


3. Click on the Model Name and wait for a moment while system verify the serial number
Click on Model Name


4. Select the correct Model
Select the correct Model


5. Enter the rest of the form and click ‘Next
Enter the rest of the form


6. Enter your personal details.
Agree to our Data Protection Policy, T&C and click ‘Submit
Enter your personal details and submit


7. Product has been registered
Product has been registered


8. To sign in, click on ‘Sign In’ button
Sign in to My Sony


9. Enter email address and password and click ‘Sign In’
Enter email and password


10. You can view your registered product in My Sony account
View registered product