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TV Home Service
It’s a special service offered from Sony. Save your time in accessing to service point just simply contact us then we will visit to your location.

• Inform us that you want to have the special service with our appointment form then we will visit you accordingly
• Service charge of onsite TV repairing (TAX excluded) are Repairing fee, SparePart(If any) and Transportation fee.
• The service will be offered only in area of Bangkok and its vicinity

Repairing Rate for LCD TV (40” up) Out of Warranty
LCD TV 40” Rate 900 THB
LCD TV 41" - 45" Rate 1,100 THB
LCD TV 46" - 49" Rate 1,300 THB
LCD TV 50" - 55" Rate 1,500 THB
LCD TV 56" and above Rate 1,800 THB

1. Transportation fee for onsite TV repairing (In Warranty and Out of Warranty)
      Bangkok area rate 300THB
      Bangkok's vicinity rate 500THB

2. For LCDTV 40" up purchased within 1 month (Evidence shown) will be free of charge for transportation fee for both Bangkok area and Bangkok's vicinity.

3. Privilege for In Warranty purchased product from Sony Store / Sony Online / Sony Service Center will get free of Transportation fee For both Bangkok area and Bangkok’s vicinity. Your privilege is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Service charge